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The Mystical Magic of Trance Dance & the Sound of Sacred Geometry

Souls Talking Brain show – Recorded live on August 18, 2010.

Our Double Goddess, Roni and Aline speak to the FABulous harmonies of energy frequencies that ALL of WE can CHOOSE to imbue our SELVes with, Sound Vibrations that HEAL, sound Vibrations that uplift, assist, enLIGHTen and empower. We are taken on a journey of realization of the infinite power that Sound has, the Amazing ability to MANIFEST PHYSICALLY from the “formless substance” of energy into the FORMed….ALL through specific oscillations of energy – wave lengths, SOUND.

Our LOVEly Ladies of Light then spoke to the FABulousness of compositions of Sound, otherwise KNOWn to many of WE as Music and specifically electronica music which IS based upon our Quintessential state of BEingness…electricity, energy, nature’s rhythmic tonality. Specific frequency hertz that are of utmost positive impact include the Frequency of Creation – 432hz and the Frequency of LOVE – 528hz ,  remembering ALL along that we ourselves CREATE musical vibrations every time we open our mouths 😉 YES! Each of WE has within SELF the Power to CHOOSE HOW we shall Create, Manifest and affect exponentially the ALL that IS, ever was or will BE by the tones that we CHOOSE to emanate from within our very BEings.

Sending forth Positive Vibrational Frequencies of Harmonized Melodies to each of WE in LOVE’s Light manifesting our HIGHest HAPPYness, ALLways.

This Week’s Good Deed DOer: Julie Courtright

Souls Talking Brain airs live every 2nd Wednesday at 7:00pm EST


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