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The Greatest Destructive Force of Human Kind

Souls Talking Brain show – Recorded live on March 30, 2011.

What IS the Greatest Destructive Force of Human Kind? What IS the root of ALL evil?

Our Double Goddess discuss the coming transformation of 2012 and how we are NOW awakening from the conditioned FEAR mongering that we have BEen subject to over the last millenia. Touched upon are government, religion, technology, and our personal choice and emPOWERment as the individual BEings of LOVE’s Light we are, and how taking back control of our own thoughts, feelings and ACTions can, will and IS transforming our world to BE what it IS we ALL want for it to BE, PeaceFull, LOVing Serenity and ONE fabYOUlous Adventurous Party’n Journey 🙂

Souls Talking Brain airs live every 2nd Wednesday at 7:00pm EST


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