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The Battle between Light & Darkness, IS there really ONE?

Souls Talking Brain show: Recorded Live on August 31, 2011.

Our Double Goddess are back after weeks of journeying through many a revelationary experience, excited to share their thoughts, insights and ponderings with YOU. 😀
Today, Roni & Aline ponder upon the perceived duality of our experience, our world and our lives and the ensuing battle that seems to BE part in parcel thereto.

What IS Light?
What IS Darkness?
Are they NOT merely 2 choices upon an infinite spectrum that IS the same?
DO either TRUEly exist?
IF we are ALL ONE, then how can duality BE?
IF we are ALL ONE, what ONE are we?

Ahhhhhhhhhh and soooooo after many weeks the Pondering DOes recommence.

We look forward to journeying the adventure with YOU!

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Souls Talking Brain airs live every 2nd Wednesday at 7:00pm EST

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