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Leading a Double Life: Are You Hiding your TRUE SELF to Keep Your Job?

Souls Talking Brain show – Recorded Live on April 13, 2011.

What a ONEderFull show today 🙂 Our Double Goddess, Roni & Aline delved into a globally prevalent epidemic amongst the majority of our Universal Family members…… HIDING their TRUE SELF that’s right….. most of us are NOT BEing our TRUTH, not letting our Light shine, hiding BEhind masks, so that we can ensure we keep our job, relationships, status, etc…. The only problem with so DOing IS that we are killing our SELVes to so DO and thus CREATing a world of unhappy & dissatisfied individuals. TOGETHER WE CAN make a change by so DOing INDIVIDUALLY…by so CHOOSing in our own lives to BE our TRUTH, to shine our Light of LOVE and thus BE the example for ALL others to so DO whilst ensuring we are fulfilling our purpose for BEing in the 1st place, and sharing our unique inherent gifts… that EACH of WE come to this Earth School to share with ONE another.

Our Good Deed DOer of the show: Please take a moment to go to to share yOUR voice for fair treatment regarding the astronomical financial obligations BEing placed upon the Canadian people wishing to use the internet. BLISSedly BE

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