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Labels, Hippies, International Peace Day, Oh My!

Souls Talking Brain show – Recorded live on September 15, 2010.

Our Double Goddess, Aline & Roni discuss the pros and cons of labels….identifying and classifying labels that we use for SELF and for others and their positive and negative affects and effects upon our perceptions of SELF & others.

***PLEASE NOTE**** International Peace Day IS September 21, 2010 at 12pm wherever YOU ARE…in other words, at 12pm yOUR TIME in yOUR location, wherever YOU happen to BE, take a moment to send forth yOUR Positive PeaceFull energy of LOVE to ALL of WE. If YOU would like to get more involved, check out for more information 😉

Our Good Deed DOer this week IS: “Pixels for Peace” by Matthew Fry
Check out the AWEsome opportunity to share yOUR energy of LOVE for ALL of WE on the “Pixels for Peace” YOUTube Channel 🙂

****Remember**** Our THOUGHTS ARE our “mode” of CREATION…….Good thoughts CREATE good experiences…….Think Good Thoughts…….starting with SELF! YOU ARE a Light of LOVE! BLISSedly BE

Souls Talking Brain airs live every 2nd Wednesday at 7:00pm EST


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