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Being LOVE in the NOW

Souls Talking Brain show – Recorded live on March 16, 2011.

❤ What IS Reality? What IS TRUTH? What IS TRUEly Important? Should we BE focusing on BEing LOVE or BEing SuccessFull? Where should our focus BE, in the past, the future or the present? What DOes it mean to “Live in the NOW”? What IS the NOW? What DOes it FEEL like to BE in the NOW?

There are two Main Choices in how we experience life, in how we CHOOSE to Perceive, Receive & Respond and which of these we CHOOSE determines our very existance….which DO YOU CHOOSE? Journey with yOUR Double Goddess Roni and Aline through these and more fabYOUlous ponderings for the BEnefit of ALL of WE ❤ and Please DO leave yOUR comments, insights, and words of LOVE’s Wisdom in the comments section under the recorded show. BLISSedly BE

Our Good Deed DOer this week IS: Cheryl Janecky ~ @CherylJanecky

Souls Talking Brain airs live every 2nd Wednesday at 7:00pm EST

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