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Balancing the Feminine is an Adjustment Not an Override

Souls Talking Brain show: Recorded Live on October 12, 2011.

As we are ‘coming of age’ in this new age of conscious awareness, one of the things we have been hearing much about is the balancing of the masculine and feminine energy frequencies.

Our Double Goddess, Aline and Roni discuss what this actually means as well as the ‘pitfalls’ in using gender specific terms such as masculine and feminine to connote the balanced consciousness that we are entering into.

Gender specific terms are just as precarious as terms such as positive energy vs negative energy in as much as they misdirect our consciousness from our destiny as ONE Universal Family, keeping us within the fear based conditioned mind set we are transcending from.

Watch to hear what our Double Goddess comes up with as a “Balanced Alternative”. 😀

Our Good Deed Doer:  Sierra Goodman

Souls Talking Brain airs live every 2nd Wednesday at 7:00pm EST

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