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Taking things Personally, Making Assumptions, Let us NOT

Radiating Love with Roni Lipstein – Recorded live on January 14, 2011.

Our enLIGHTenment GuideLight, Roni Lipstein takes us on a journey of TRUTH regarding our SELF ~ RESPONSE ~ ABILITY 🙂
In recognizing our ability to CHOOSE how we shall respond in ANY situation, we recognize therefore the enormous power we wield in the outcome of any situation, as our response thereto IS ONE that shall have AFFECT. We recognize that it IS WE whom INTERPRET any situation and thus DO we recognize that it IS “others” whom DO the same from their PERSONAL Perspective, a perspective wholly unique to them, as IS yOURs to YOU. Thus the CHOICEs in how we respond to any ONE, any situation that life brings our way has much more to DO with us than the situation or one whom has presented itSELF.

We would LOVE to hear yOUR thoughts in the Comments Section BElow, especially those who CHOSE to participate in the Radiating LOVE experiment Roni highlighted during show.
BLISSedly BE Radiating LOVE ❤

Radiating Love airs live every 2nd Friday at 1:00pm EST

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