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IS it okay to NOT BE Happy?

Radiating Love with Roni Lipstein: Recorded Live on July 15, 2011.

In this age of easy quick pill popping fixes Roni asks the question “IS it okay to NOT BE Happy??”  Should we BE running to our pharmacies and taking the “latest & greatest” new medications to douse our emotional states of BEingness so that we need NOT FEEL the emotional range of our BEingness?

We live in an age where we are coming to understand that there IS more to life than making money and ‘running the rat race’, where enJOYing life IS not only possible but the actual Purpose for our BEingness.  Soooo what to DO when we are NOT enJOYing life???
IS it a bad thing to BE feeling sad?

What are our emotions ALL about anyways?
What are we supposed to DO with them?

Join Roni as we delve into these questions and DO what we are able to DO to LOVE SELF and thus BEnefit ALL ❤

Radiating Love airs live every 2nd Friday at 1:00pm EST

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