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Having the Body we LOVE, LOVing the Body we have

Radiating LOVE with Roni Lipstein – Recorded live on May 21, 2010.

FABulous Show today! Roni walks us through the fundamental steps to HAVING the BODY we LOVE and LOVing the Body we have. Everything from the esoteric to the physical IS covered, from our Mind set to our physical ACTivity and Nutritional intake, PLUS, our two Open Forums:
Pondering & enLIGHTenment Guidance. Learn how YOU CAN LOVE the Body YOU have & have the body YOU LOVE 🙂

  • *** Roni IS available for individual and community journeys to further expand upon the plethora of information, insight and wisdom regarding Living a Healthy LIfestyle
  • *** Get in Touch with her directly through BEingLOVE [at] 1isall [dot] com to schedule yOUR journey, TODAY 🙂

Radiating Love airs live every 2nd Friday at 1:00pm EST


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