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enLIGHTened Parenthood, Raising an enLIGHTened Child

Radiating Love with Roni Lipstein – Recorded live on July 30, 2010.

Roni discusses the most AWEsome, Amazing, Gifted Miracle available to ALL of WE to journey the pathway to enLIGHTenment, CHOOSing to BE an enLIGHTened Parent. She provides some FABulous pearls of wisdom, insight and personal experience as to how to BEST provide the foundation upon which our children may grow themselves to BE an enLIGHTened BEing of LOVE’s Light. enLIGHTenment Guidance provided today was made available by members of our Radiating LOVE community whom CHOSE to share openly their own childhood experiences, BEing raised by abusive and/or addicated parents, otherwise called…..SELF LOATHING individuals, and was most enLIGHTening indeed.

“I AM most honoured and humbled by EACH of the ONEderFull Community members of Radiating LOVE and send forth Deep Hugs of LOVE’s Gratitude to ALL and to ALL the energy to manifest within EACH of WE, the I in ME, WE LOVE our SELVes to BE” ~Roni @radiate

Radiating Love airs live every 2nd Friday at 1:00pm EST

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