♥ To elucidate Truth, by raising Awareness, through inspired Pondering.
♥ To welcome community and ACTion oriented “Children of the Voice for BEing LOVE” ™ ®.

♥ To ACTively radiate our vibrating energy within our united creation that we may ALL live our lives as intended to BE:

WHOLE-archically, PeaceFully, Harmoniously,
as the ONE Universal Family WE ARE, ALL of WE,
in/of/through LOVE’s Light, fulfilling our HIGHest HAPPIness
along our journey of BlissFully Adventurous, Party’n Serenity
graced within the embrace of Unconditional LOVE.

Sanctuaire Soul's SanctuaryGood Day, it is with positive intention this finds you LOVing life today.
Welcome to Sanctuaire Soul’s Sanctuary’s Online  Television Channel,
“BEing LOVE”.

“BEing LOVE” exists so that together, we may ponder upon philosophical, Universal, & life questions, which for some, are called ‘issues’, for others ‘challenges’, for ALL, of interest to our very BEingness.

These “opportunities” {questions, issues, challenges,…} are approached from an Ontological perspective.

Ontology = The Branch of Metaphysics dealing with the nature of BEing

As seekers of TRUTH, we recognize, research, and consider ALL facets of any “opportunity” presented. This could be as simply intricate as a BEing’s sun sign and just as easily, a question of our very survival, here upon the Earth School.


Wanna Share YOUr LOVE on “BEing LOVE” Ustream T.V. Channel?

  • DO YOU have a perspective, a viewpoint of the scenery of that which is, WE, Life, BEing that YOU feel WE should ALL ponder?
  • Would YOU like to share YOUr specific GIFT, YOUr ‘viewpoint’ of TRUTH, of LOVE, with ALL of WE?

Send YOUr proposal directly to BEingLove [at] 1isall [dot] com, outlining YOUr show’s mandate, introducing YOUr hosts, and providing an outline for the proposed shows Program Break down as well as scheduling: YOUr preferences for duration, time & Day.

Thanking you in advance, for the opportunity. We are honoured, your consideration, for our whimsically successful collaboration.

We DO value our collaborations deeply.
Each proposal is well journeyed and pondered.
We will respond to ALL proposals within 2 weeks.

to YOUr HIGHest HAPPiness in Every NOW, ALLways,
“BEing LOVE”

*** Please Note ***

Opportunities for ADVERTISING & SPONSORING on “BEing LOVE” UStream T.V. Channel and our many varied and eclectic shows DO exist!

Get in touch with us directly ➲ BEingLove [at] 1isall [dot] com and we will discuss the Fantabulous Modes of Communication available to YOU and the ONEderFull Earth Angels with whom YOU shall BE communicating YOUr Special Message of LOVE.

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